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Please feel free to contact me details below and also happy to connect with fellow musicians, producers and music lovers

About Ruebead

Ruebead is the name of David Wroe, a composer and producer of electronica music  

David lives in the UK in a small village to the north of Cambridge

He is a sucker for new plugins and uses the best in class for his tracks, including Massive, Mtron, Nexus2, Pianoteq, Slyenth1, Soundtoys to name but a few

David is a independent artist streaming his tracks on Spotify and Beatport as well as many others


When David is not composing and producing, his passion is to travel. Notable incidents, whilst travelling, include surviving a category 5 hurricane on the Caymans Islands and the unwanted attentions of a mountain gorilla (don’t ask)

Ruby Dalek

Yes I have a Dalek and her name is Ruby

Ruby likes to go out and raise money for charity, so she is more donate, donate rather than exterminate, exterminate

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In Production New Album

“Melody Included”

Twelve melodic dance numbers featuring guest vocalist

Hazel Tratt